Tuesday, October 26, 2010

To give me all your love is all i ask-

yes i would die for ya babyy- but you wont do the same.
-BrunoMars .
Im loving that song lately.

So today , i decided im gonna try & get over this guy.. its a full on long story. we never went out or anything; i just have a "thing" for him ?
hes just this guy who made me laugh so much till i got stitches, and he was caring & fun yeh?
but hes been weird n different lately.. but neh.
So i was going to class at skool, when he comes over & starts talkin to my bestfs ><
This makes me feel awkward, cos we used to talk for hours.. now we dont even look at eachother, & i have no clue why ! & He decides to talk to me also. For the first timee hes making the effort- only problem is , it happens the day i decide to forget bout our history ><  - enuff bout boys now.

Latelyy everythings just fucking up terribly . its a fucking piss off yeh?
I used to love going to skool & just fucking round with friends. Laughing our fucking heads off, looking like fuckwits cos we were having so much fun .- Now all you see is, 3 people off & about, some nowhere in sight & the rest sitting together. Its all so fucked up, & no-ones talked bout it? its like- they're assuming they are mad at each other so they dont fucking talk !
It all started when i barely went to skool cos of an injury.. i came back & everythings completely fucked. I cant handle seeing them all so fucking miserable . & i feel like im becoming this whole other person? being quite in situations like this is not like me- i would usually solve this by now.. but not this time. It all feels too messed up. Its so fucking overwhelming .

*sigh. I have to fuckoff now.. 
- xo

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