Thursday, October 21, 2010

Paint a picture, of a perfect place.

so i realised everytime i write a blog im listening to a very different song to the last . &it changes my mood very quickly :/
last post was a bit odd i think ..
anyway . today i've been thinking about the past alot. it never leaves you hey ? the past always keeps bugging you so badly . I hope someone out there knows a cure to forgetting the past.. and making it stop hurting you. Cos my past is killing me slowly inside . Idk how much longer i can put this "facade" up. 

I used to be a very different person last year.. its painful to even think about it. So i think i'll just leave it alone.

Ohh and , i think i figured out why i had those weird  "attacks" that day .. idk im just guessing .. but i smelt some really old illegal substance. Maybe thats why ? cos it was some fucking strong shit alright . 
bahaha, anyway .. hell of a experience .
i feel sick again, i can barely eat - i feel as if its a good thing, since i need to lose a huge amount of weight .  i know its the wrong way, but seriously ? fuck it. im in desperate need of help to lose this shit. so idgaf.

ceeeeeeeeebs with fucking skool & shit these days . so fuckingg overwhelmed !


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