Sunday, October 17, 2010

Remember when you lost your head?

I havent written in a while. Im tryin this new thing called not going on the net. idk why. i feel like i need time without this shit /:
So atm im supposed to be studying.. or sleeping. Neither i can do for some odd reason.

I've been confused lately. Experiencing tormenting shit . Its pretty fucked up tbh. Shaking,mumbling, ah feels like dying. Weird thing i had dreams bout the important ppl in my life right after i experienced the shit. idk whats wrong tho . i refused to go hospital . no clue why , i think cos i dont wanna know whats wrong with me .. but then i have to. 

Fuck school srsly ! why couldnt we b born with education ffs ?!
this might be the last post for a while again :/ so takecare !

, laters hoes xo

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