Tuesday, October 5, 2010

" No love lost , no love found."

No Love by Eminem&Lilwayne was my song of the day , & i just saw the video . its based on a kid being bullied in school. I hate bullying, maybe cos i've suffered from it.. but looking back at those days just makes me angry of why i didnt stand up for myself- i mean just cos a persons new to the school & all doesnt mean they deserve to be bullied, right? i love movies that  reaches out to me, inspires me, gives me motivation of some kind :/ im hoping its a good thing. 

But back to the song.. 

I love Eminem, he has this way of getting a message thru to people with his songs, but some people just see him as a sicko who disses singers & shit. But really hes not. If i were Haley (his daughter) id consider myself luckyy to have a father that writes songs about me ! atleast he shows affection in some way. And anyways Lilwayne & Eminem make pretty awesome songs together- i hope they keep this up :]

 - ciao ox`


  1. love emimems newalbum. well i guess not relly new anymore but the latest one in anycase. he's a fucking amzing lyricist

  2. me too !
    i agree, i love his songs
    & everythingg. fucking fantastic he is (: