Monday, October 4, 2010

Life Unexpected # 1

So as you can tell this is my first post, & id like to keep my identity anonymous . You dont need to know a persons name to know their story . 

Im not much of a writer. My blog will probably be all over the place & everything will end up being a big disaster! but i dont care, wont kill to try (:
 Im also not the kind to keep a secret diary or keep track of events in my life. So in advance; i apologize if this gets boring or shitty. 

The suns about to rise & im still not asleep. It feels like last year again. Its been over a year that i;ve been experiencing sleeping difficulties. But these days who doesnt ? My insomnia is on & off. Some days im lucky to catch a few hours of sleep, some days im not.
But im not here to tell you about my past. Just have to say this randomnly- you knw those attention seekers we know? yeh the ones who wont shutup bout how their pimples are ruining their lives, or how their hair just isnt perfect? yep those bitches are the ones that piss me off the most ! argh . 

I have no idea why i even started this blog tbh , i heard people talking about it so i thought maybe i should try it .
- as you can tell im not much of a blogger ahaha,  & it took me about an hour to think of how to start off with my first post ><
i think im just gonna go now & watch GossipGirl, ahh yes im a typical teenager loving dramatic shows , its pretty much the only thing keeping me sane from boredomn ! :]

-  I hopee i get better at this writing a blog thing :L 

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