Friday, November 19, 2010


The past is fucking me over these days. I've never felt so .. bymyself, alone , isolated in my life. i guess everyone feels like that at some point?
This is beyond normal lonely feelings. I've never wanted to cry so much, scream so much, kill someone, or run so fast in my life.
exactly a year ago, this cunt faced fuckers lied,cheated,faked,&LIED so much to me. for the whole of last year, my life was fucking horrible- and at that time i thought it couldnt get any better. But fuck it, its the past right? thats what we all say- but the fucking past is what always haunts us, fucks with our everyday life of now. You'll always have a big part of you that'll hate yourself forever. That piece of you that will never be happy, cos of that someone/s that ruined the rest of your life.

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