Tuesday, November 2, 2010

My favourite view in class.

Hes fine. In the sexy way. With his glasses on,doing his work.Hes not a full on nerd, he does his work; he also looks good doing it. He's tensing his arm while hes writing. His nerves are just... there. Oh god; how much i wish i was next to him right now, just to smell his scent ofc.
Just perfect. His smile even makes your heart hurt- in a good sort of way. The way he plays with his hair, makes him more charming. His charm. where do i start with the charm. I felt his breeze when he stood right infront of me, i got the tingles. He came to my sight out of nowhere. during a test actually. His laugh is the cutest & hottest thing at the same time. Hes excruciating. I wish.. I wish.. Hes wasnt a year younger than me.

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